Chris Geyer

I help shape the future of digital products and experiences.

I take complexity and make it simple.

My design process is iterative, involving user research, usability testing, collaborative sketching and rapid prototyping.

Awesome Projects like...


  • Enter asset data, fast!
  • Utilize new technology
  • Lean Design Sessions
  • Rapid Research & Development
  • Client Beta Period


  • Used conversational UI to guide maintenance technicians who are hesitant to use technology
  • OCR technology was used to drastically improve input times and quality of data
  • Education beta client was able to add assets in less than 30 seconds, and over 500 in a week

Check out the case study

More recent work



Raleigh Parks Pages

  • Present most important information for citizens in an easy to use format
  • Provide consistent information across all parks
  • Usability Testing
  • Design Studio
  • Prototyped and coded template


  • Compiled data for over 90 parks and input into the page template
  • Consolidated individual pages for park amenities into one park campus page allowing citizens to find all the information together
  • Amenities are listed in a consistent manner allowing anyone to see at a glance what is available at a park.
  • Received lots of positive feedback on the clear design

Optum Palliative Care

  • Standardize workflow for in-home nurse visits
  • Easily track patient activity while not distracting a nurse from patient care during a visit
  • Kick-off workshop
  • User research with nurses to understand their work and process
  • Validated initial designs via remote usability sessions with nurses
  • Live coding sessions to collaborate with product owner and physician who was clinical expert


  • Prototype served as basis for front end code used in final app by Salesforce developers
  • Consulted with developers to ensure v1 design was implemented correctly and planned enhancements for v2
View the live prototype

City of Raleigh Intranet

  • Migrate outdated Frontpage site to modern platform
  • Pilot Drupal CMS for future use
  • Make it more than a bulletin board and document archive
  • Card Sorting
  • Content Audit
  • Drupal Training


  • Built this site out from the ground up by myself.
  • Researched the best Drupal modules to use for our needs and trained my team on how to add content to the site.
  • Design allowed for more everyday top tasks to be featured on the homepage instead of stagnant city news by using mobile first priorities.